HVAC Mechanic

Correctional Management Inc. (CMI) has an opening at our Fox Facility located in Denver, CO. for a facility HVAC Mechanic. At CMI our mission is to provide an environment that assists our clients with pro-social behavioral changes and the successful reentry to their families and the community while enhancing public safety. The HVAC Mechanic installs, maintains and repairs the facility's environmental control systems for proper operation and the optimization of energy use. Repairs and performs preventive maintenance on various mechanical and electrical equipment which may include heating, ventilating, air conditioning equipment, steam distribution equipment, hot water boilers, closed loop chillers, and energy management systems.  

Essential Functions

The incumbent should be able to perform all of the following functions at a pace and level of performance consistent with the job performance requirements.

  1. Inspects and listens to machines and equipment to diagnose malfunctions. Dismantles defective or malfunctioning machines and equipment, installs new or repaired parts, and tests operation following repair.
  2. Operates a variety of equipment such as hand tools, welding equipment, laptop computers and diagnostic hardware to perform work.
  3. Troubleshoots, repairs or installs HVAC units, including electronic and mechanical components, as well as the ductwork, including flexible tubing and sheet metal construction. Installs or repairs fuel and water supply lines.
  4. Installs, maintains and repairs computerized, electronic, pneumatic and digital direct control devises related to HVAC and heat control.
  5. Installs, programs and/or repairs automated machinery and equipment such as temperature control units. Tests and/or adjusts controls to ensure proper operation of units.
  6. Performs preventive maintenance, diagnoses and corrects problems involving various components such as motors, compressors, pumps, fans, ducts, pipes, thermostats and switches. Performs brazing, soldering, and pipe fitting.  Cleans and lubricates shafts, bearings, gears and other machinery.
  7. Provides for the proper supervision and tracking of inmates/residents assigned to the Maintenance Department. Escorts inmates/residents or coordinates the movement of inmates/residents to and from different areas.
  8. Prepares and maintains a variety of standard operating records and reports, as required. Processes all work orders, reports, purchase requisitions and other documents in a timely manner.
  9. Inspects for items that could be used as contraband, weapons or implements of escape by inmates/residents. Provides for the secure storage, proper use and/or safe disposal of tools, supplies and equipment. Maintains all tools in proper working order.
  10. Completes work orders in accordance with company standards for workmanship and housekeeping, and in compliance with building codes, blueprints, manuals and/or other applicable procedures, standards or specifications.
  11. Follows safety policies and regulations, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Takes appropriate action in cases of serious and unusual incidents and emergencies.
  12. Domestic U.S. travel may be required.


High School diploma, GED certification or equivalent is required. Two years of experience with large commercial HVAC systems and general building automation systems is required. Must possess a universal HVAC license. A valid driver's license is required.

Apply Today

To apply, email your resume to the Resource Development Dept. via the link below. Please include the position title in the subject line of the email.