Consultation & Training Services

Our consultation and training services offer an eclectic team of experts with diverse professional and academic backgrounds. We provide quality training for criminal justice professionals.

Our Expertise

Our team features a diverse array of proven experience, including:

  • Demonstrated Grant Writing Expertise                                          
  • National Award-Winning Criminal Justice Planning                     
  • Seasoned Educators with Graduate Faculty Experience 
  • Comprehensive Public and Private Sector Experience      

Shannon Carst,
President and Corecivic Managing Director

Since 1994, Ms. Carst has worked in the criminal justice system to include every major aspect of Community Corrections and treatment programming. Ms. Carst has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Master’s degree in Business and is certified by the State of Colorado as an Addictions Counselor. Ms. Carst has direct experience in training in security, case management, legislation, substance abuse treatment, relapse prevention, therapeutic communities, evidence-based principles and policy. 

Brian T. Wood,
Senior Resource Specialist

Brian has been with CMI since 1998. During that time, he has held the position of Director of Human Resources and his present position of Sr. Resource Specialist. He has 29 years experience in the management of Operations and Human Services and 12 years experience in benefits administration and payroll. He is also a long standing member of the ICCA.      

Our Resource Development/Training staff provides you with an average of more than 20 years criminal justice experience per person and direct experience in: 

Adult Residential Treatment

  • Community-Based Adult Supervision
  • T.A.S.C. Operations
  • Female Services
  • Family/Parenting Services
  • Evidence-Based Principles
  • Grant Writing

Juvenile Residential Treatment

  • Community-Based Juvenile Supervision
  • Facility Design and Implementation
  • Administration and Management
  • Job Development
  • In-Prison Treatment

Juvenile Detention Services

  • Day Reporting Center Operation
  • Probation Services
  • Legislative Action
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Therapeutic Communities